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Making the decision to lose weight is something that the vast majority of us are faced with at some point in our lives. That first step however is the first of many. This article is aimed to speculate which snacks are ones that may seem like incredibly healthy options, but in fact may have detrimental effects in assisting you to meet your weight loss goals. We will also be showing you how you can make small adjustments that can curb your cravings, while at the same time actually choosing wiser snack options as well.

healthy snacks

Yogurt: This timeless snack staple has long been thought to be a perfect go-to treat for those trying to lose weight. It is yogurt, it must be healthy, right? Not so much. Flavored yogurt is packed with sugar (roughly the equivalent of 3 Oreo cookies) with only adds to the carloric intake. Your best bet if you are craving yogurt, is to add some fresh fruit to natural, organic Greek yogurt, which has a lower sugar count and contains a hefty boost of added protein.

Trail Mix: No one can deny that trail mix is incredibly delicious. Which is one of the reasons why it is on our list. Trail mix may seem like a healthy snack, what with the nuts and raisins and all. However, it is those sneaky little chocolates in there that really kills this one for its health traits. A good alternative is a fruit and nut bar which is packed with protein for a great pick-me-up, and far lower in calories and sugar than trail mix!

Soy Nuts: The standard serving size for roasted soy nuts is a ¼ cup, that same amount packs 130 calories. A much better (and lower in sodium) option is a single serving size packet of microvable edamame. Available in your grocer’s freezer secion, and only 90 calories! You get double the amount of food, for a fraction of the calories!

Bottled Smoothies: This is one healthy option that is all too often overlooked. When your first pick up a 16-ounce bottled smoothie, you may feel pretty good about that 150 calories of loaded fruit and veggie goodness… Look a little closer… One bottle contains 2 servings. So that two servies just took your 150 calories and doubled them to 300 total calories. Your best option is to make your own smoothie which puts the calorie count in your hands!

Baby Carrots: I know what you are thinking with this one, but bare with me… Carrots are loaded with healthy nutrients that your body needs, plus they are super low in calories. So, what is the problem? They are not very filling. Thus leading to the risk and temptation of over eating. Feel free to munch down on some baby carrots, but add 2 tablespoons of delicious, nutritious and filling hummus for an added bonus!

Canned Fruits: It is certainly no secret that canned fruits are not the best option for a diet snack choice. They are packed in sugary syrups that adds calories, and they a incredibly low in fiber in comparison to the real deal. If you are looking to incorporate fruits into your snack time, be sure and always make sure you opt for the real stuff!

Cheese Crackers: While it may seem like you are scoring big time a single serving of these 27 delicious little crackers, you are actually out of luck! The crackers are insanely high in carbs (especially enriched flours) thus spiking your blood sugar levels and creating more cravings. It you are in need of slowing your digestive system and filling yourself up, treat yourself to half of a turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat, and loaded with veggies (try throwing on some avocado for a heart health boost!). The calorie count is strikingly comparable, and you will find yourself feeling energized and fuller for a lot longer!

When you are trying to lose weight in terms of watching what you eat, remember to base your food selections on quality, and not quantity, you may find yourself getting duped if you don’t!