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One of the most frequently asked questions that goes around when it comes to those who are trying to lose weight, is what to keep in their kitchen cabinets. So many find that they will harbor foods in a safe spot until they have successfully completed their diets, only to give into temptation halfway through. The best way to relieve that temptation first and foremost is to get rid of those items, period, prior to beginning any weight-loss diet. Now, upon removing those items from your kitchen, it is time to restock with several healthy options that will keep you on the right track, while at the same time assisting you in some cravings that you may find yourself encountering along the path of dieting. This article will break down a list of those healthy staples as well as to precisely why you should be keeping them on hand.

food staples

The first on our list is Nonstick Cooking Spray. If you are going to be dieting, your best option is going to be to cook for yourself. Going out to eat is filled with temptation and you are much more likely to make better and healthier food options in your own home. That being said, cooking with butter or oil is a killer in the calorie and fat counts. Oil alone boasts roughly 120 calories and 14 grams of fat per tablespoon, whereas a 1 second spray (enough to coat the bottom of your pan) contains only 5-10 calories and .5-1 gram of fat. There are even an abundant amount of choice options now-a-days from grape seed oil to olive oil for your personal cooking and flavor preference!

Tuna, whether it is canned or in a pouch is packed (just make sure its in water not oil) with protein and Omega-3’s. Tuna is the perfect option for the lazy nights when you just do not feel like cooking. There are an abundant amount of tuna flavors now that are perfect to add to salads, wheat tortillas or even on their own! Plus they are low in calories, but are filling enough to keep you going in the long run, while boosting your energy levels as well.

The best go-to breakfast meal goes by the name of Old-Fashioned Oats. Do not make the mistake of purchasing instant or quick-cooking oats, however. They lack many of the necessary nutrients which make old-fashioned oats so beneficial in starting your day. They are high in fiber and and contain essential grains that are heart healthy, filling and boast loads of energy that will ensure you feel fueled up all day.

Soup mixes (or dips/dressings) are an incredible way to season up otherwise boring dishes. You can find limitless low-calorie options that are the perfect additions for chicken, fish, veggies, and soups. If you are monitoring your salt intake, there are countless low-sodium options available as well.

If you are a milk drinker or like to have creamer in your coffee, your best low calorie and fat option is going to come in the way of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. Packing half the calories of regular cow’s milk (roughly 30 calories per 1 cup of almond milk), this is a perfect substitute to add to smoothies, coffee, cereal or even oatmeal. Just be sure and keep an eye out for the sweetened versions which are much higher in sugar levels and calories.

And last, but certainly not least, the obvious dietary stable: Fruits and Veggies! Low in calories and fat, full of vitamins and flavor, you can not go wrong by filling your kitchen with these age-old options for weight loss options. You can eat in abundance and not have to worry about over doing it. Fruits are the best bet when you are having a sugar craving, and if salt is your nemesis season up some veggies (or even coat with a light bread-crumb and make yourself some make-shift baked treats) and go wild.

By removing the bad and substituting with good, you will find dieting is far more simple than you previously assumed! Just stick with it, transition always takes time and patience, but it will all pay off in the long run!

Here is a Video of 10 Healthy Food Staples. Check it out!